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Just got an e-mail from my friend Lynn. Her sister Alice has been found and other than being off her meds she is okay. Thanks to all who have kept the family in their thoughts.
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I assume many of you recall me posting a couple of months ago about the friend who died unexpectly. Well his widow is facing a new trauma. Her 45 year old sister who is bi-polar and hates to take her meds walked away from her group home on May 25th. As of today she is still missing.

Please all keep Alice Brown Green and her worried family in your thoughts.
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I had a thought about the recent talk about a new Buffy movie.

The women here that are married will understand this analogy. You want something done and get tired of waiting so you decided to just do it your self. The next thing you know your husband is right with you and voila he does what you have been wanting him to do for ever.

So folks---aka the Kazais--who could earn mula from the movie get tired of waiting. Well dang we will just do it ourselves. So will this inspire Joss and others like Sarah who are very protective of the image of the show? If is going to happen will they insist it is done right and not butchered.

I personally have no interest in a movie that does not have Joss, Sarah and David involved. Oh and ASH.
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Lets start this by describing my current computer. I bought it in 2002. It has a 70G HD, 1.47Ghz processor, 480mg RAM, CD burner and DVD player. Pretty good for the day. And over the years I have upgraded with things like replacing the rear USB ports with 2.0 ones. Changing the 56k modem with an ethernet 10/100. Adding both an external DVD-burner and 500G HD.

But lets face it the thing is pretty much a dinosaur. My husband is using much worse. He is using a computer I cobbled together from two computers from 98. I think the the total of the two HDs in it are less than 10G. I hate to recall how much ram.

Well I have been jonesing for a new computer but I felt other things had priority. Things like getting hubby's truck running. He got his license back last June and was still sharing my car. So in March I put it in the shop and then poured money into it. I do not want to even admit how much we sunk into a 96 model but he loves the truck. And well it is PURPLE.

So now the truck is going and we have no pressing issues....I look at the bank account and I see money. Talk to hubby and he suggest I replace my windshield (small crack behind the windshield wipers) before I do anything else.

Well I have been pricing computers and knew I was willing to spend about $600 and knew what I could get which included 3GB RAM and a 250 or 320G HD. Well yesterday I went to my online computer store and they had the basic computer I wanted with a free upgrade to 4GB RAM and a 500GB HD. With the deal on a 20" HD LCD monitor and free shipping it was $580 plus tax. I was all bouncy.

So I called the windshield place and after the $210 quote I decided I could do BOTH. So the windshield is all new and the computer is ordered. I suspect the monitor will ship immediately and the computer is suppose to be complete to ship by June 2.

Now comes the fun of moving all the files. Luckily I have plenty of room on my external harddrive to copy everything on my internal and then add back to the new computer as needed. I know I will lose a couple programs I do not have on CD. Programs I loaded back then from floppies or such. I think I will most miss my picture software that came with my original scanner. I must have gave away the CD with the scanner. I am going to try and copy the pgm from this computer but no guarantees it will work. I tried to find it to add to use at a client's office recently and know I do not have it.

Well I will have to forgo any extras for a few months and hope no catastrophe happens but I need this. I use my computer for fun but I also use it for work and I am tired of playing hurry up and wait.

Hubby acts like I am doing this for me but I am sure he is happy to get a better hand-me-down.
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I have no desire to tweet but I decided to get a twitter account cause I keep seeing all the interesting people posting and I want to "follow" their tweets.

So I went and set up to follow certain folks. And later I was surprised to get a message saying "Thanks for the follow - looking forward to your tweets".

I was just wondering if this was common Tweet etiquette and should I respond. The person did not mark me to follow which is good since I am not planning to Tweet.

Are there there any things I should know about Twitter. I rarely go there unless I see a link to a particular tweet so not familiar with the lay of the land that much.

All advise and suggestions is appreciated.
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I was over at Amazon looking to see what I might want to add to my wish list. I decided to add Dollhouse to my cart for later purchase. Well while there I took time to read reviews. Cause sometimes the Amazon reviews are quite interesting. I was a little surprised there was a number of one star reviews. But taking time to read them it took little effort to figure out why. Seems that the T:SCC fans blame Dollhouse for it getting canceled. So their response is to flame the show. Almost all the bad reviews dated May 18th.

I mean seriously I am so tired of people thinking that belittling makes you or your fan crush look good. But I am use to ship wars but I never thought there was My Show is Better than Your Show, neener neener neener battles.

Personally I "like" Dollhouse. I am glad it got renewed just so I can see what Joss has planned. I also liked season one of T:SCC but stopped watching after about 3 eps of season 2. I plan to catch up eventually. That said neither show is Must See TV for me but if I had to chose I would go with DH cause I think the potential is greater.
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Not often I post about my meal but that was to die for. My toungu is still in heaven. Just imagine Chicken Cor-don-blu, pepper jack rissotto and buttery brussel sprouts. I want that again tomorrow and maybe the next day. Le sigh.
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Well so much for my plan to post something every day. Well time to get back on the horse.

Planning for Mother's Day tomorrow. We are having a cookout at mom's. Right now I should be in the kitchen making her favorite cake. I would be if I could stop sweating. I already took a shower but I am still perspiring. My baby sister was so kind to suggest I am having hot flashes. She is probably right. So right now I am vacilating between the ideas of perching on top of the air vent or turning on the oven to bake a cake. Guess which side is winning.

Oh and for those interested I will share the cake that mom asks for almost every holiday.

1 yellow cake mix
1/2 cup sugar
1 can mandarine oranges and juice
3/4 cup oil
4 eggs

Beat all ingedieants for 4 minutes and bake in two 8 or 9 inch cake pans for approximately 25 minutes at 350.


1 large or 2 small boxes instant vanilla pudding
1 20oz can crushed pineaple
1 large Cool Whip

Beat pudding and pineaple together. Fold in Cool Whip.

Cake will keep for several days in the refrigerator.

All the family loves this cake except me. But that is cause I hate whip cream.

Okay I think I will go make nice with the nearest vent.

ETA: I just have to ask was anyone else distracted during last night's dollhouse with the fact it was Krissy Seaver? Everytime she spoke I was taken out of the episode.
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So what was the highlight of my day? I got my teeth cleaned and now some of them are hyper sensative. I am sure that will fade by tomorrow.

Hubby fried up some yummy fish tonight. When we met 25 years ago he was working as fry cook in an upscale seafood restaurant so I have always left that to him. I buy, he fries. Well tonight's fish actually came from a friend who caught it last weekend. It was king mackeral.

I have to work tomorrow and I was able to get hubby an appt Wednesday for teeth cleaning. I think since he quit smoking a month ago (after 30 years), he could use a nice cleaning.

Hubby took Sydney to the beach today. She loves the water. I guess cause poodles were originally bred for duck hunting this makes total sense. I can not wait until the pool is clean. It is a hoot watching her jump in and then climb back out just to do it again.

Buck (my male chihuahua) beats the water so bad he drowns himself with the spray. His arse sinks like lead.

Scarlett (my female chihuahua) can swim fine but she as the diva prefers to float around on raft in the sun after getting wet.
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Today the main thing I had to do was go over to my mom's. I don't think I have mentioned it but since about Thanksgiving my daughter has been living with my mom. This has helped on two fronts. One the kid has place to stay since the work market here sucks beyond the telling and she has NO desire to live with mom and dad ever again. Second, mom needs help and no longer drives. My younger sister and I were taking turns going each week to shop, run errands, change linens, clean floors, etc. Well with the kid there she can do it on demand. Well this week she asked me to go with her to do the big first of the month grocery shopping. Since she was young I have tried to teach her what to look for when shopping and she is pretty good at it. But she said she still was not familiar with what to look for when buying things like meat. I actually think she wanted someone else there to help her bring all the bags in the house. Something I know from experience can be overwhelming. Well hubby went with me to do some minor repairs while we shopped. More hands the better when carrying in over $400 in groceries.

Oh and Sydney rode with us and when hubby ran up to get some screws, mom got to spend one on one with Syd for the first time since she got here last year. After Syd finished chastising mom for keeping her trapped inside she let mom pick her up and snuggle. We had a toy poddle when I was a kid and mom told me last time we were over that Syd is starting to look more like Sassy now. Mom won't admit it but I think she is getting to like Syd. Yes my sister's oldest doxie, Ellie will always be grandma's fav granddog.

Well tomorrow is fun fun. I have a teeth cleaning. Whoopee!

Oh and I see lots of folks are setting up at DW, do not forget I am angelbuffy (without the 0) there. Well Ithink I will find somehting to watch and do some more on my sewing project. I think when I am done it will make kickass throw pillow for the futon in my office here.
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I rarely post. Mainly cause I find my life fairly mundane. But now having started with Dreamwidth and setting up a cross post with LJ I have decided to post about my boring life each day and hope people do not defriend me for it.

Today I am going to show you the progress on my most recent sewing project

Starting to really take shape )

I think I am going to also begin expressing my opinions on the shows I watch.

Today I think I will discuss Bones. Best thing about Bones is of course David. He is my primary reason for watching. I like most of the rest of the cast also. And have been having fun watching the different dynamics brought by each of the trial interns. I think the one this week (the middle eastern guy) the most uninteresting. He has no depth or hell personality like the others. I find the stories themselves fairly interesting but not earth shattering. I am not into any of the ships or UST on the show. Only reason I would want for them to have B/B is the hope to see David undressed. That can never get old or boring. I mean David can sit naked and read a phone book and I would watch. Hell he could do it in an eskimo suit and I would still watch.

Speaking of David, have you seen the recent photos of him on vacation. I was shocked to hear he went with his 7 yr old son and pregnant wife to Mexico. When I heard people speculate they were going there because he mentioned watching Hockey at Senor Frogs, I thought that would be the last place they would go. I mean there are SFs in Hawaii, Myrtle Beach, Puerto Rico, and other places besides Mexico. But the latest pictures are saying he is definitely in Mexico. I just find it surprising and even a little concerning.

Speaking of a pregnant woman, who is ready for the bump watch for both Jaime and Sarah. I think David said they are expecting is September so she should definitely be sporting a bump. I get a smile when I think of Sarah having her first little one. Even if I do not like Freddie.

Well this is my first post of which I hope will be a daily event.

New Account

May. 1st, 2009 10:56 am
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I am here at Dreamwidth and have lost the "0". I am now just plain old "angelbuffy".

Hope the cross post works.

New Account

May. 1st, 2009 10:56 am
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I am here at Dreamwidth and have lost the "0". I am now just plain old "angelbuffy".

Hope the cross post works.
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My mom started ordering from Omaha Steaks a few years ago and I have tasted some wonderful things at her place. I have today placed an order (my second) and I saw where I could share a gift certificate with others and thought WTH, why not. But I didn't want to send a bunch of e-mails so just thought I would make a very ignorable post here. My personal fav is the Pepper Jack Risotto Balls. I also love the stuffed sole. My daughter loves the augratin potato balls. We all love the choclate molten lava cakes. I just ordered the stuffed chicken breast variety cause my mom and sister brag on them.

Have a dozen burgers on us!
Attention burger lovers! Order anything from Omaha Steaks through this email and we'll send you 12 premium, juicy Omaha Steaks Burgers absolutely FREE.
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I am not sure if this has hit the national news but there is a major fire in Myrtle Beach, SC. It has burned at least 7000 acres and they are reporting 40 homes. Hundreds of residents have been evacuated.

You can read reports and see images here:

For those who have been here on the annual B/A Vacation this is starting to reach the Barefoot Landing Area. I live about a 45 minute drive from the affected area but there was a couple of pieces of ash in my front yard this morning. Not sure if it blew from there or if it was more local source. Just was creepy.

Please keep the families affected in your thoughts and/or prayers.

There was actually two fires last night but the uninhabited nature preserve of Sandy Island one has been contained.

ETA: The SC Forestry has now increased the number of acres burned to 15,000 and the SC Governor has declared a state of emergency. News reports are saying the total homes lost is now up to 80.

Update at 11AM:

Updated information:

· 15,000 acres have been consumed

· 40 homes have been destroyed

· 100 homes have been damaged

· 2,500 citizens have been evacuated
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Just making sure ya all know there is a new Bones tonight........not sure why the special night but want to make sure all my DB fans do not miss it.
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This is WRONG on so many levels:

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Spongebob Squarepants and Carmen Sandiego.
The story should use mystical creatures as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

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I'm a Tarheel Born
I'm a Tarheel Bred
And when I die
I'm a Tarheel Dead

Oh yeah I LOVE Carolina Basketball............Woo and Effing Hoo!!!!!

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Okay have to go shopping this weekend...........must have new t-shirts and bumper stickers. I just found a couple of weeks ago I still had an unused bumper sticker from the 1982 Championship in a photo album. Need to add another and well one for the car of course.

Boo Ya!!!
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I was watching the latest Dollhouse and it HIT me............all the Active names are from the Phonetic Alphabet. As someone who lived her first 35 years in a city with both the largest Army base in the US and also an Air Force Base, I can not believe it slipped by me before this. As soon as I heard the name Tango, I was like WHOA!!!

Fine Fine Fine, ya'll already knew but I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed.