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Today the main thing I had to do was go over to my mom's. I don't think I have mentioned it but since about Thanksgiving my daughter has been living with my mom. This has helped on two fronts. One the kid has place to stay since the work market here sucks beyond the telling and she has NO desire to live with mom and dad ever again. Second, mom needs help and no longer drives. My younger sister and I were taking turns going each week to shop, run errands, change linens, clean floors, etc. Well with the kid there she can do it on demand. Well this week she asked me to go with her to do the big first of the month grocery shopping. Since she was young I have tried to teach her what to look for when shopping and she is pretty good at it. But she said she still was not familiar with what to look for when buying things like meat. I actually think she wanted someone else there to help her bring all the bags in the house. Something I know from experience can be overwhelming. Well hubby went with me to do some minor repairs while we shopped. More hands the better when carrying in over $400 in groceries.

Oh and Sydney rode with us and when hubby ran up to get some screws, mom got to spend one on one with Syd for the first time since she got here last year. After Syd finished chastising mom for keeping her trapped inside she let mom pick her up and snuggle. We had a toy poddle when I was a kid and mom told me last time we were over that Syd is starting to look more like Sassy now. Mom won't admit it but I think she is getting to like Syd. Yes my sister's oldest doxie, Ellie will always be grandma's fav granddog.

Well tomorrow is fun fun. I have a teeth cleaning. Whoopee!

Oh and I see lots of folks are setting up at DW, do not forget I am angelbuffy (without the 0) there. Well Ithink I will find somehting to watch and do some more on my sewing project. I think when I am done it will make kickass throw pillow for the futon in my office here.


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