Mar. 9th, 2009

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Well I called Lynn this afternoon. I knew she would not be up to it yesterday. There was no answer at her house so I called her mom's. Her nephew answered and told me she and her mom had gone to get the personal stuff out of the car. He gave me her cell# and then gave me the funeral details. But before we got off she came home. We talked for over an hour. She is doing as well as expected. Brit arrives late Tuesday night.

She did wake up before he left yesterday morning and he said he was going to go get a bite and a paper. She assumes he then was heading to his mom's to get some clothes he still had there. Unitl 2 months ago he was staying with mom part of the week while she battled cancer. She is in remission. Lynn told me how last fall Mark, his mom, brother and sister all went to the mountains for a week. They were thinking it might be a final time with their mother. But she came through and now it is a priceless memory.

Lynn asked my husband of course to be a pall bearer. We are driving to Fayetteville on Thursday for the wake that night and funeral Friday afternoon. Mark has broken my 46 year record of never going to a funeral. Damn him.

This morning I flipped through the photo albums and found some old shots. Couple of them were taking when we were young and dumb and full of..... well alcohol.

And I know many of you have met the kid so here is link to her post:


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