Sep. 14th, 2017 07:40 pm
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1) A friend emailed me Tuesday telling me her father had died the night before. This is no longer an unusual circumstance as she's the fourth friend of mine to lose one or both parents already, while another has a mother in a nursing home and a sixth's parents are in clear decline. I lost my own father at 22 as part of a slow decline and my mother 12 years later very suddenly. Read more... )

2) I saw a tweet regarding climate change denial which said in response to this, "So, when's the time? Xavier? Zooey?"

3) The news that students who binge on online course content do better than those who don't hardly seems surprising. Chances are if you're binging you're either more interested in the content or more motivated in completing the course. I also suspect that it's easier to go through quickly because better students find the material to be easier and thus finish quicker.

4) So it seems that news outlets are finally deciding that the Daily Show's format is one of the best ways to get news across and have started doing comedy videos. And what's even more amazing is that it isn't name checked once in that article.

5) Speaking of the Daily Show's legacy, at least the creative Emmys are more on point with their awards. I got a particular laugh out of this win: Read more... )

Missing Out

Sep. 10th, 2017 04:32 pm
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1) Alert to any The Magicians fans out there -- Lev Grossman did an online chat this weekend with some interesting details about the creation (and adaptation) of the books. Plus, this great quote:

Janita Burgess: So there we go. Writing fanfic helps you grow as a person. =)

*levgrossman: I believe that!

2) Speaking of people who hadn't grown as a person, I watched Young Adult, a Diablo Cody movie with Charlize Theron. It's about a YA author, though there's not a whole lot about the work in the movie as opposed to the ticking biological clock as a central plotline. Read more... )

3) I find the future predicted for broadcast radio in this report to be entirely plausible (though when they say radio, they seem to be focusing on music, which leads me to wonder if news/talk might not become the dominant form of content). Read more... )

4) This look at which social media outlets people are getting their news from had some odd conclusions about growth. Granted it singled out the sites where there was double digit growth but Tumblr jumped 8 points in a year which seems rather significant. Read more... )

5) "A recently leaked Facebook document indicated that the company had been touting to advertisers its ability to determine teens’ emotional state based on their on-site behavior, and even to pinpoint “moments when young people need a confidence boost.” Facebook acknowledged that the document was real, but denied that it offers “tools to target people based on their emotional state.” Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

What could still be

Sep. 7th, 2017 09:28 pm
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1) HT to Petzi for posting a discussion of Twin Peaks. Without having seen it, what I latched onto was a brief discussion of whether it was TV or film. And that reminded me of something I was already thinking of, which is how movies came from theater. Read more... )

2) I share the reviewer's horror . Especially given that this is about a real woman who suffered tremendous abuse in real life, turning her story into a romance with her abuser is appalling.

3) I noticed in this story about falling toy sales and the effort to connect this to poor movie performance (I agree with the assessment that "there are too many movies being released and released too frequently"), that no one mentioned Wonder Woman. Mattel in particular is suffering and you'd think their business would be booming given that its box office is still climbing.

4) Speaking of falling sales, the news is not good for the future of retail employees. With all this current talk about refugees and immigrants taking U.S. jobs, many retail positions require good English skills despite often low levels of specific training, which means they're fairly immune to being outsourced. I also think they're unlikely to be completely replaced by automation since you're always going to need someone able to provide information and assistance. But there's little doubt there are going to be far fewer such positions on the ground, whereas there will be far more in distribution or call centers. That's probably going to hit small towns particularly hard.

5) My personal addition to why we need to keep what Obamacare/ACA has offered us. Read more... )

What's missing and shown

Sep. 6th, 2017 01:30 pm
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1)Halt and Catch Fire remains as interesting as ever in its opening episodes. I was particularly struck by that episode-long phone call. I'm not sure I've seen another show do something like that, and it would have been interesting to see a whole episode be just about that, though I suppose they're constrained by having to show other members of the cast in each episode. It definitely seems like the kind of thing I'd see in a gap fic.

2) I mentioned before how the Unabomber series is the most damning indictment of our foremost law enforcement agency I've yet seen. But the story is also one of incredible sexism. Read more... )

3) One thing that I've found interesting to ponder given the revelations about Joss Whedon's activities (which, I should add, I not only find believable but fairly unsurprising) is how that puts the texts we've seen or read into a different context. Read more... )

4) Insightful article about the growing movement in the NFL to use the platform for player protests. I had to raise an eyebrow at the group of women who had heard about Kaepernick's actions but not the reason for them. There was some truth to their conclusion that the form of protest said nothing about the cause itself, but also about the disinformation widely spread about it. After all, I pay no attention to football but I could have easily answered a person on the street question about it.

5) Pretty good article talking about women in the comics business and also its fandoms. It's one of the first times I've seen a media article introduce the discussion of curative versus transformative fandom.


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