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Lets start this by describing my current computer. I bought it in 2002. It has a 70G HD, 1.47Ghz processor, 480mg RAM, CD burner and DVD player. Pretty good for the day. And over the years I have upgraded with things like replacing the rear USB ports with 2.0 ones. Changing the 56k modem with an ethernet 10/100. Adding both an external DVD-burner and 500G HD.

But lets face it the thing is pretty much a dinosaur. My husband is using much worse. He is using a computer I cobbled together from two computers from 98. I think the the total of the two HDs in it are less than 10G. I hate to recall how much ram.

Well I have been jonesing for a new computer but I felt other things had priority. Things like getting hubby's truck running. He got his license back last June and was still sharing my car. So in March I put it in the shop and then poured money into it. I do not want to even admit how much we sunk into a 96 model but he loves the truck. And well it is PURPLE.

So now the truck is going and we have no pressing issues....I look at the bank account and I see money. Talk to hubby and he suggest I replace my windshield (small crack behind the windshield wipers) before I do anything else.

Well I have been pricing computers and knew I was willing to spend about $600 and knew what I could get which included 3GB RAM and a 250 or 320G HD. Well yesterday I went to my online computer store and they had the basic computer I wanted with a free upgrade to 4GB RAM and a 500GB HD. With the deal on a 20" HD LCD monitor and free shipping it was $580 plus tax. I was all bouncy.

So I called the windshield place and after the $210 quote I decided I could do BOTH. So the windshield is all new and the computer is ordered. I suspect the monitor will ship immediately and the computer is suppose to be complete to ship by June 2.

Now comes the fun of moving all the files. Luckily I have plenty of room on my external harddrive to copy everything on my internal and then add back to the new computer as needed. I know I will lose a couple programs I do not have on CD. Programs I loaded back then from floppies or such. I think I will most miss my picture software that came with my original scanner. I must have gave away the CD with the scanner. I am going to try and copy the pgm from this computer but no guarantees it will work. I tried to find it to add to use at a client's office recently and know I do not have it.

Well I will have to forgo any extras for a few months and hope no catastrophe happens but I need this. I use my computer for fun but I also use it for work and I am tired of playing hurry up and wait.

Hubby acts like I am doing this for me but I am sure he is happy to get a better hand-me-down.
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