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I rarely post. Mainly cause I find my life fairly mundane. But now having started with Dreamwidth and setting up a cross post with LJ I have decided to post about my boring life each day and hope people do not defriend me for it.

Today I am going to show you the progress on my most recent sewing project

I think I am going to also begin expressing my opinions on the shows I watch.

Today I think I will discuss Bones. Best thing about Bones is of course David. He is my primary reason for watching. I like most of the rest of the cast also. And have been having fun watching the different dynamics brought by each of the trial interns. I think the one this week (the middle eastern guy) the most uninteresting. He has no depth or hell personality like the others. I find the stories themselves fairly interesting but not earth shattering. I am not into any of the ships or UST on the show. Only reason I would want for them to have B/B is the hope to see David undressed. That can never get old or boring. I mean David can sit naked and read a phone book and I would watch. Hell he could do it in an eskimo suit and I would still watch.

Speaking of David, have you seen the recent photos of him on vacation. I was shocked to hear he went with his 7 yr old son and pregnant wife to Mexico. When I heard people speculate they were going there because he mentioned watching Hockey at Senor Frogs, I thought that would be the last place they would go. I mean there are SFs in Hawaii, Myrtle Beach, Puerto Rico, and other places besides Mexico. But the latest pictures are saying he is definitely in Mexico. I just find it surprising and even a little concerning.

Speaking of a pregnant woman, who is ready for the bump watch for both Jaime and Sarah. I think David said they are expecting is September so she should definitely be sporting a bump. I get a smile when I think of Sarah having her first little one. Even if I do not like Freddie.

Well this is my first post of which I hope will be a daily event.


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