May. 25th, 2009

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I was over at Amazon looking to see what I might want to add to my wish list. I decided to add Dollhouse to my cart for later purchase. Well while there I took time to read reviews. Cause sometimes the Amazon reviews are quite interesting. I was a little surprised there was a number of one star reviews. But taking time to read them it took little effort to figure out why. Seems that the T:SCC fans blame Dollhouse for it getting canceled. So their response is to flame the show. Almost all the bad reviews dated May 18th.

I mean seriously I am so tired of people thinking that belittling makes you or your fan crush look good. But I am use to ship wars but I never thought there was My Show is Better than Your Show, neener neener neener battles.

Personally I "like" Dollhouse. I am glad it got renewed just so I can see what Joss has planned. I also liked season one of T:SCC but stopped watching after about 3 eps of season 2. I plan to catch up eventually. That said neither show is Must See TV for me but if I had to chose I would go with DH cause I think the potential is greater.
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I have no desire to tweet but I decided to get a twitter account cause I keep seeing all the interesting people posting and I want to "follow" their tweets.

So I went and set up to follow certain folks. And later I was surprised to get a message saying "Thanks for the follow - looking forward to your tweets".

I was just wondering if this was common Tweet etiquette and should I respond. The person did not mark me to follow which is good since I am not planning to Tweet.

Are there there any things I should know about Twitter. I rarely go there unless I see a link to a particular tweet so not familiar with the lay of the land that much.

All advise and suggestions is appreciated.


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