May. 4th, 2009

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So what was the highlight of my day? I got my teeth cleaned and now some of them are hyper sensative. I am sure that will fade by tomorrow.

Hubby fried up some yummy fish tonight. When we met 25 years ago he was working as fry cook in an upscale seafood restaurant so I have always left that to him. I buy, he fries. Well tonight's fish actually came from a friend who caught it last weekend. It was king mackeral.

I have to work tomorrow and I was able to get hubby an appt Wednesday for teeth cleaning. I think since he quit smoking a month ago (after 30 years), he could use a nice cleaning.

Hubby took Sydney to the beach today. She loves the water. I guess cause poodles were originally bred for duck hunting this makes total sense. I can not wait until the pool is clean. It is a hoot watching her jump in and then climb back out just to do it again.

Buck (my male chihuahua) beats the water so bad he drowns himself with the spray. His arse sinks like lead.

Scarlett (my female chihuahua) can swim fine but she as the diva prefers to float around on raft in the sun after getting wet.


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