Mar. 27th, 2009

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This has been discussed since the show was announced and it seems to have grown to an interesting debate. A debate that has made me think about it all day. And as is my way I find my comparing the issue to other shows.

If a person has no idea who they are and they make choices is the forgotten personality raped.

Because it is similar to amnesia, I of course thought about Jason Bourne. He had no idea who he was or even his own name. And while pursuing the answers he became involved with a woman. Would any sexual activity be considered rape when he regained his memory?

Then I thought about the Christian Slater show from last fall (forget the name). Here was a man who had two separate personalities, one of which was implanted by his employers. His fake personality wed and had children. The original personality had no family and never had even met the wife. Is he being raped?

What about people with DID, which is the basis of the series "United States of Tara". I have only watched the first 4 or 5 eps but all Tara's female alternatives have no desire to be celibate. Tara's husband refuses to sleep with the alternates not because he thinks it is rape but because it would be cheating. If T got lucky would Tara be raped?

And now to the think I could leave that out. When Faith slept with Riley in Buffy's body, was Buffy raped? Buffy was upset that Riley was not able to see it wasn't her, not that she had sex with her body.

If someday Caroline is restored to her body, will she care about what happened when she was not there?

And to put it on the level of real life possibilities. Are porn actresses and actors the victims of rape? These are people who sign contracts to perform whatever the production company designs. Very few have the clout to have an approval over the script or costar. And I think an oh I changed my mind could lead to a breach of contract.

As for why Caroline agreed to become a doll, I got the impression from the brief scene with Adele that Caroline had done something illegal or even may have lead to a death. I think she chose being a Doll over going to jail or worse. If I had to chose from jail (no rape there) or loosing myself for a few years, I might be inclined to be a Doll and hey I bet there is a nice payout when time is up. That is if it is as I assume a contract for specific length of time.


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