Mar. 8th, 2009

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When hubby and I first got together we met another couple, Mark & Lynn. They moved in next door and we socialized a lot. They eventually got married(my husband's brother was the best man) and had a daughter, Brittany. We also got married(M&L were our witnesses) and had a daughter only 17 months younger than theirs. Our lives have stayed entertwined ever since no matter where we lived. Lynn and I at one point worked two blocks apart and ate lunch together almost every day. Lynn and I did all our christmas shopping together. We came experts at yard sale and Black Friday shopping. Most my daughters clothes came from Brit and most my daughters hand-me-downs went to Brit's younger sis. At one point when the girls were in elementary we bought a plot of land in the country and were pleased and shock when Mark and Lynn announced they bought the adjacent lot. We lived there for five years and the two oldest girls became inseperable. Then we relocated to the beach and M&L had an opportunity to buy her child hood home. But we still stayed friends. Brit tried over the years to spend at least one week a summer here. Everytime we make a trip to our home town we have to include a trip to M&L's.

And when Brit got engaged, she came here to go shopping for the honeymoon so my daughter could help her. She got married in Hawaii(where Derek was being stationed) so none of us went but she mailed us pics.

Well today hubby got a call from his brother. A call we could never have expected. Mark was killed in a car accident this morning.

I have called my daughter and she has called Brit in Hawaii. She and Derek hope to fly back to NC tomorrow.

No one knows why Mark got up and went out this morning. And they said there was no visible injuries from the accident. They suspect a heart attack. He is about 3 years younger than hubby and I so he would be only 43.

He leaves behind a wife, two daughters and a son. Good bye Mark Wayne Mayr

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