Jan. 2nd, 2009

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I finally got my new calendar for 2009 and as usual I will describe the months. Each one has one large pic and three smaller pics focusing on particular character.

January: Buffy in the lavendar tank with: Buffy and Riley on a picnic, the Spike A/R, Buffy and Angel cuddling in the cemetary after her mom's funeral.

February: Willow with: evil Willow, Willow and Tara in OMWF, Willow confronting Andrew.

March: Xander with: Xander twins from the Replacement, Xander and Faith, Xander and Buffy dancing

April: Giles with: Giles and Jenny, Giles and Jenny kissing, and Giles with Spike

May: Dawn with: Dawn and Joyce, Dawn in a crypt with Spike, and Dawn with Ben at the hospital.

June: Spike with: Spike and Buffy on her back porch, Spike strapped to the ceiling with First!Buffy, and Spike and Harmony

July: Anya with: Anya and Xander in bed, Anya at the Magic Box, Anya and Xander at the wedding

August: Tara with: Oz, Willow, and Tara outside, Tara with Dawn, Tara and Willow kissing

September: Cordelia with: Cordelia and Xander cuddling, Cordelia, and Cordelia with Buffy and Willow

October: Buffy and Angel hugging with: Buffy and Angel cuddling in his bed before sex, Angel with Buffy and Xander, Angel with Faith

November: Buffy in black tank and red leather pants with: Buffy in OMWF, Buffy with Giles, Buffy with Spike in the background from season 6 after she cuts her hair.

December: The core four with: Buffy hugging Giles, Buffy giving another speech to the potentials, and Xander with and eye patch and others in the background


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